after the third bell 1

Star Cast:- Udayan Banerjee, Akanksha D Sharma


Direction:- Ajay Govind


Our Rating:- 4/5

A cop you are bound to notice in your local police station because he is an anachronism, appears normal but is indeed quirky, knows enough Shakespeare, claims to have a working knowledge of ten languages (displays his comfort level with one of them), is homophobic, and determined to bring you down.

A remarkable debut by Udayan Banerjee as the expletive, and as BC, the twisted cop. His female assistant is the sane voice and the counter foil during the interrogation (authentic portrayal by Akanksha Dahiya as Balbir), and a murder mystery that keeps the whoddunit quotient alive right till the end.

And even there, you are left to make your own deductions, and you should be able to crack it, if you pay attention. A fresh story, witty dialogues; a steady pace, good camera work, and a minimalist background score support Ajay Govind’s fine treatment of the crime and detection genre of cinema.

After The Third Bell is definitely a must-watch. Go for it.

Courtesy:- Sangita Menon Malhan