The 19th Agartala Film Festival began yesterday on December 27 at the Rabindra Centenary hall in Agartala. All of  27 films from across the globe shall be shown at the week long festival organized by the famous film society Cinedelve.
The organizers viewed that film is one of the strongest medium in today’s world and it not only just reflects the society but also plays a vital role in molding it.

“Our focus is to make good movies as well as viewers. This is one of the cultural movement in Agartala like that of Tagor’s programme, new year and book fair this has also turned into a festival for which people wait throughout the year. Every year from 25th to 31st December this festival will take place people know it and in large number are turning to become member of the society. You can see the large turnout and we are unable to accommodate everyone,” said a member of the organizing committee Samiran Ray.

He also viewed that the festival would not only quench the thirst of the film lovers with the latest trend of world cinema but will also give a platform to the budding film makers of the state to show their productions.

Highly inspired from such festival at present, a good number of youths are not only watching good movies from the state but are also involved in making them.

In this process the Agartala Film Festival is lending a helping hand by giving a platform to show their films in this film festival.

Film actor Amit Dey viewed that such festival helps in patronizing films a form of art and thus in molding the society towards betterment and also aware the people in formation a finer taste with better sensitivity.

“Those who are making films in Tripura of Agartala they are able to watch good movies here and learn about the making process and direction. Hence all together the film lovers are getting a scope to watch good movies and at the same time like a workshop for the film makers,” said Dey.

Film lovers of the state are very happy with Cinedelve organizing such a festival in Tripura and consider it as a golden opportunity to see their favorite movies.