Angry Indian Goddesses Poster

Angry Indian Goddesses Poster

Angry Indian Goddesses is a Hindi Feature Film directed by internationally acclaimed director – Pan Nalin.

The film boasts of a stellar star cast including some of the most fine actresses from Indian celluloid including Tannishtha Chaterjee, Sandhya Mridul, Anushka Manchanda and Sarah Jane Dias. The film is being touted as India’s first ever Female Buddy Film and follows the story of 7 girls who meet in Goa for a friend’s wedding.

The film then explores the fun, complexities, emotions and the simple madness when seven unique women come together under one roof.


Angry Indian Goddesses is a celebration of womanhood in the 21st Century India. Power packed drama about firebrand Indian women finding  their hearts and losing their heads! A wild bunch of girls from all over India descend upon Goa. Their closest friend FRIEDA has invited them to her family home for a surprise announcement: she’s getting married! Thus begins an impromptu bachelorette. A riotous roller-coaster ride of girl bonding: friendships- break ups- make ups- fuck ups- passion- devastation- hesitation- terrorization- realization- boom- explosion… Amidst the fun and frenzy, heart break and heart ache, passion and obsession, youth and innocence, hidden secrets tumble out of the closet, emotions run high and dry; oblivious of the impending doom upon these girls who go on living life like there is no tomorrow. Until…