Anurag Kashyap returned to Cannes this year with ‘Ugly’. The screening of the film on Thursday as part of the Directors’ Fortnight Programme, an independent section held at the Cannes Film Festival, marked its world premiere.

The film, produced by Phantom Films and DAR Motion Pictures, is a dark psychological thriller on the surface and emotional drama within. The makers released a poster to give the audience a sneak peek into the thriller and this piqued interest among the attendants of the festival.

‘Ugly’ was premièred at the Theatre Croisette JW Marriot in Cannes and will have five more screenings during the festival.

‘Bombay Talkies’ will be screened on tomorrow (May 19) and will be followed by the official dinner to celebrate the 100 years of Indian cinema hosted by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and Festival de Cannes.

‘Monsoon Shootout’ is the only Indian film to be screened in the Grand Theatre Lumiere, the main auditorium of the festival where competition films are screened. The film will have three more screenings at the festival.

The screening schedule of Indian films at Cannes is as follows:

MONSOON SHOOTOUT               

LUMIERE              18 May 24:30:00

OLYMPIA 4          20 May 16:00

PALAIS K              19 May 14:00

SALLE DU 60EME              19 May 14:00


SALLE DU 60EME              19 May 19:15


THEATRE CROISETTE       17 May 14:15

THEATRE CROISETTE       17 May 22:00

ARCADES 1          19 May 22:30

STAR 3   23 May 11:30

STAR 4   19 May 15:30


MIRAMAR           20 May 8:30

MIRAMAR           19 May 11:30

MIRAMAR           19 May 17:00

MIRAMAR           19 May 22:00

OLYMPIA 5          22 May 12:00

OLYMPIA 5          19 May 18:00

OLYMPIA 6          23 May 12:00