In an unprecedented move, the makers of Arjun Rampal’s Daddy have been requested to shift the release date of the film to September 8. The film’s trailer which has organically clocked over 10 million views has won the love of masses and the critics. However, the move to a new date comes with a special blessing. Daddy, which had an initial release date of July 21, will now be released on September 8 due to an appeal that took everyone by surprise.

Geeta Gawli, the daughter of Arun Gawli, has made a special request to the producers of Daddy to get the release date changed. Daddy is not just a film but an experience of a lifetime for Geeta. It is an emotional journey that the Gawli family have gone through over the last three years of the making the film. She is hopeful that Arun Gawli gets parole and may be able to come out and speak about the film with the audience. This would be extremely important to him as he’s never given permission for his life story before.

Arjun Rampal and Geeta Gawli

Talking about her ​meeting with ​Arjun, Geeta says, “I am really excited to show the film to everyone and I felt it would be special and auspicious to have the film release when my daddy was out on parole. I am really hoping that he gets parole at the time. I want the world to see the film and know the real daddy who has been our pillar of strength for so many years. I wanted them to release the film in September instead. “

Geeta adds, “To see Daddy in person and on screen is very different. We cannot wait for the movie and are overwhelmed by the trailer. Arjun and Ashim have shown every aspect of our fathers life in this movie. We have no words to describe what we are going through. Over the last 3 years, Arjun has really understood my father and I really respect that he has kept his feelings in mind and made this movie while staying true to the ups and downs that he has endured in his life.”

Geeta feels that for her father it will also be auspicious to release Daddy in the midst of the Ganesh festival – an event that has been very close to Arun Gawli’s heart. The entire Lalbaug area is renowned for the lavish and larger than life Ganesh pandals and pujas that the Gawlis have been a part of for many decades .

Daddy was the first Indian  film to be launched at the Google headquarters and is one the most anticipated releases of 2017. The film starring Arjun Rampal in the lead role as Arun Gawli is directed by Ashim Ahluwalia and releases on September 8, 2017.