Arrival – One of the best alien movies I have seen so far (and I’m not much of an alien movie fan either!).

So perhaps Hollywood is obsessed with aliens. But this film, deserves a special mention because it’s not just another alien film! It’s about human contact and communication.

The storyline may seem familiar – 12 alien “spaceships” land on different parts of the world (including US) and the film is about how the US Special Task Force handles the situation.

Amy Adams plays Dr Louise Banks, a Professor of Language. She is chosen to accompany the special task force to “communicate” with the aliens to find out “what is their purpose here on earth”.

Jeremy Renner plays the very likeable Ian and is the other “chosen one” for the mission.

It’s a director’s, actors’ & cinematographer’s film. Brilliant execution & camera work. There are quite a few interesting shots. The production value in a Hollywood movie never ceases to amaze me!

The science of understanding the alien’s language is the most intriguing part of the film and never once do you look away.

My favorite parts include the scenes of Louise playing with her daughter. “Tickle Guns” particularly stuck with me.