lp-music-player-retro-Favim.com-481618_largeMusic label Crescendo is back on track with its two-pronged business approach, strongly focusing on music sales and organising live events – a clear shift from being strictly a music label. Crescendo, is actively partnering with key label Universal, for music distribution, and has on its roster up-and-coming artistes, said Suresh Thomas, founder and chairman of Crescendo.

The label has, of late, released over 10 albums, all of which have been well-received by music aficionados across the country. Crescendo, meanwhile, is gearing up to tap into the live music show segment – ranging from small shows in towns to big ticket events in metro cities – which, over the years, have garnered immense popularity.

Thomas believes the partnership with Universal will auger well for Crescendo, especially with live shows in the pipeline slated to feature solo artistes and bands. The company’s strategy will see it managing the works of artistes, which will include production of albums and arranging live gigs.

The label has no binding agreements with their artistes and everything is flexible, Thomas added.