The team of Bahubali came together to reveal the first look poster of the eagerly awaited film Bahubali 2: The Conclusion and the VR video.


Has the success changed the story in anyway?

Rajamouli: No. Neither the story nor the plot points have changed. But we have definitely tightened the action scenes.

You have always said that you are a storyteller and not a filmmaker. What’s that about?

Rajamouli: I am confident about storytelling but while making a film I have 1000 doubts about framing, art, etc. I change so much on the edit table.

Katappa ne Bahubali ko kyun mara? (Why did Katappa kill Bahubali?)

Prabhas: We are revealing that in Part 3 (laughs)

Did you ever get bored of playing Bahubali?

Prabhas: Even if you get tired, Rajamouli has his ways. After every 3-4 days, he starts retelling the ‘large’ story with videos and narrations. And you go back to enjoying Bahubali. He excites the whole team.

Not only men but women too have strong roles. Have your characters altered you anyway?

Anushka: There are things that I took up from the character. The strength of a woman that Rajamouli has portrayed is tremendous and inspiring.

Tamannaah: I had earlier done characters where I was too dainty. Here I was getting introduced with a sword. Plus we shot in extreme temperatures. It completely changed how I look at myself.

Bahubali 2 Poster

Bahubali 2 Poster