ballad-of-rustomHyderabad based filmmaker Ajita Suchitra Veera’s film Ballod of Rustom is the only Indian film in a race for Oscars 2014! Ballod of Rustom has made to the Oscars contention list in the Best Picture category.

The film has been shortlisted from over 4000 films from across the world. In an interview, Veera said that the most rewarding fact is that the film has been selected for the craftsmanship and technical quality.

Ajita Suchitra Veera chose 35mm film to shoot Ballod of Rustom, in which she also used a special processing technique called ‘bleach bypass’ to achieve a desaturated, hi-contrast look for the visuals, giving it a feel of a painting. She also revealed that there was no DI involved and editing was done in the traditional way of cutting the negative.

Ballod of Rustom is a contemporary tale that captures the magical life of an ordinary telephone lineman, Rustom who loves to carry out scientific experiments.