With the everyday hustle & bustle of our lives, it’s very easy for us to forget our surroundings. Sometimes the people around us, sometimes the places and most often than not – nature.

You know those moments, when you suddenly look up at the gorgeous sky and start to wonder about the vast universe and what a tiny speck you must be? A new short film, BFF: Breathe Friends Forever, directed by Roopa Rao of JLT’s The ‘Other’ Love Story fame, brings to you a subtle story revolving around a little girl, Yashu.

Talking about the film Roopa says, “This slice of life kind of a short film is exploring the kid and the adult in us. When survival takes control of our routine, we tend to take the most basic things for granted. When one lives consciously, being a better citizen comes naturally, and it hurts me to see, in the name of development, rampage happening on our environment. This is my attempt to mirror reality, subtly.”

It has just one simple reminder for us all. Watch it here to know. This is 6 minutes of your time online is something you won’t regret!