It is rightly said that ‘friendship knows no boundaries’. This Friendship Day, independent filmmaker Krishan Hooda presents a sweet short film, That Call, which reiterates this adage.The film is a story about two best friends Ghulam Haider and Kamal Pandey who were separated at the time of Partition.
 Based on a real story, the film is inspired by an event that the filmmaker came across when he was researching about the partition.
Talking about That Call, Hooda says, “Partition continues to be a sensitive topic till date. The entire nation was divided into two – India and Pakistan. This short film conveys that boundaries are meant for nations not for friendships.”
In today’s times, red letter days like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and now Friendship Day have given filmmakers an opportunity to experiment with content and go beyond the traditional emotional subjects that were offered.  The bonus definitely being the various digital platforms which enable the virality of any good content.
Hooda who recently also made a film on Parents’ Day echoes the feeling, he says, “I feel it’s very important for filmmakers to explore different emotions. Red letter days encourage filmmakers to stick to a definite theme, emotion and yet create beautiful content that appeals to the masses.”

That Call is available on Pappu Pass Films’ YouTube channel. It is also being screened at the Vidyalankar School Of Information Technology as part of their Friendship Day celebrations.