In the wake of heavy rainfall and floods in Chennai in the last two weeks, the Chennai International Film Festival that was supposed to be held from December 10 to 17 has been postponed.

Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation (ICAF) says, “In the circumstances, we are forced to postpone our 13th edition of Chennai International Film Festival to January 6 to 13, 2016 instead of December 10 to 17, 2015”

The Chennai International Film Festival (CIFF) is a festival organised in the city of Chennai, India, by a film society, the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation (ICAF), with the support of the government of Tamil Nadu, the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce and the Film Federation of India. It showcases international as well as Indian feature films. The Indian language films are divided into the Tamil (12 films) and the Indian panorama featured films (around 12 films). The festival screens more than 100 international feature films.