Khiladi king Akshay Kumar is back to tickle our funny bones in Prabhu Dheva’s Singh Is Bliing. In a freewheeling chat the superstar talks about his forthcoming films.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

After a series of serious films like Holiday, Baby and Brothers you are back to a genre you personally love – comedy, with Singh is Bliing.

Yes, for the last two and two and half years I’ve been busy with films that had a social message weaved in it. So, Singh is Bliing is a refreshing change. I will start shooting Housefull 3 soon, which will again be a wild and crazy time. Then I come back and get busy with Airlift and Neeraj Pandey’s Rustom. Comedies are like a breath of fresh air and I enjoy doing different kinds of films.


Have you tried any new action stunts in Singh Is Bliing?

Yes, I have shot with a real lion whose name is Mufasa, and that is a big stunt. I am not fighting him though. One day, while we were shooting a scene in a car, Mufasa saw his own reflection on the windscreen. He thought there is another lion and banged himself on the windscreen, which obviously was shattered to pieces. But at that moment I just ran out of the car.

You were one of the first lead actors who started doing comedy in his films. In earlier times, usually comic relief was provided by comic actors. Comment.

I have been doing it (comedy) since a while. But Mr Bachchan was the one to start this trend, with Desh Premee. Despite being a hero he started doing comedy scenes in his films too. Even Kishore Kumar was one such actor. I just followed them. I love doing comedy, but it is very difficult. Unfortunately, in this industry a comic hero isn’t appreciated, instead often looked down upon. You don’t get a best actor award till you romance or cry or scream in films. Sadly, we look as comedy as buffoonery.


Are you disappointed that your last film Brothers didn’t do very well at the box-office?

The film did average business. I am very proud of Brothers because it has one of the most fantastic action fights in it. It is also an emotional film. Brothers is very close to my heart because it is about martial arts and self-defense. We saw a film about two brothers after a very long time. So, I am proud to have re-introduced the trend.

With Amy Jackson

With Amy Jackson

Unlike other superstars you do four films a year, do you think it affects the box-office collections?

Let’s talk about the math. My films COP (cost of production) is 30 crore to max 40 crores. Every three-four months I have a release, but I make sure the character in each film is different. I make the within a certain budget and produce it so whatever happens to the film – hit or flop – it affects my pocket. I have been doing three-four films a year, since the last 25 years. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I make a film in five rupees and recover eight rupees,which means I make a profit of three rupees. So, everyone makes money. Where is the problem?


Since you are so closely involved in mixed martial arts, do you intend to make a film about it?

At the moment I am busy with my Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) tournament that will be held in Surat, Gujarat this year. I want to take my tournament all over India and create awareness about the importance of martial arts and self-defense.

You are one of those few actors who manages to get a variety of roles. What do you have to say about the changing content in Hindi cinema in the last few years?

I think the content has changed because the audience has changed. And it will change every time the audience demands change. Writers will write what people want to watch. According to me, 2016 is going to be a golden period for movies.


How do you look back at your journey in the industry so far?

It has been a roller coaster ride and I am a kid, so I enjoy it.