Costume Designing is not just about making garments to showcase your design. Here are some key tips that every aspiring designers should keep in mind to establish themselves in Bollywood.

Do the best research around the story and get into the core of the character. You are not just making garments to showcase a design element but to make the character look believable to the audience.

Presence of mind on set is crucial. Directors come up with requirements at any time and we should know how to achieve it and have that presence of mind, which comes with practice.

Observation is very important for a costume designer.

Formal training is definitely needed. Some people do a course in styling but styling is very different from Costume designing. One should know the right way of taking measurements and altering costumes, which you will learn during your costume designing course. Constructing a garment and alterations are very important; you need to have that judgment and be able to convey it to your tailor.

– Subarna Ray Chaudhuri

(Costume Designer)