An opportunity for all the budding and struggling Film-makers who are still to find the perfect way to tap the market and get someone to fund their film.
For the ones that cannot figure out what makes a good crowdfunding campaign, the masters have themselves come down on the floor to help you.
Questions like What makes a good crowdfunding campaign? Is there a secret formula? Are there tried-and-true methods that always seem to bring in the green? are going to be answered by Experts only for budding filmmakers.
Craft Truck, Indiewire, Indiegogo, Kickstarter and Seed & Spark are going to answer questions on how to be a step ahead when it comes to crowd funding. Since They’ve seen it all and they know what works and what doesn’t.
Film enthusiasts should pay attention as the ability to get an indie film made often hinges on the success of its crowdfunding campaign.

The Hangout will by hosted by Indiewire and Craft Truck and moderated by Indiewire’s Filmmaker Toolkit/Technology Editor Paula Bernstein. You’ll be able to submit questions and get real-time answers. Leave it to the veterans to tell you what works–and, just as important, what doesn’t–in order to maximize your chances at bringing your film to fruition.

These masters would be available for QnA via Google Hangout today (Tuesday, June 24), 1 pm PST/ 4pm EST.

There are limited spots, interested filmmakers could book their slot here.