14 India Premieres, 7 Asian Premieres & 2 World Premieres

The Half Ticket section of Jio MAMI with Star brings children and young adults (Ages 5 to 17 years) unforgettable cinema from around the world.

The curated section brings a variety of acclaimed films to children and young adults to introduce them to a world beyond theirs and experience diverse cinema cultures. This section acquaints children with, perhaps, their very first experience with new cultures, countries, and languages, allowing them to travel the world sitting in a theatre.

Just like previous years, films programmed in the Half Ticket competitive section (both features and shorts) will be judged by a Jury of Children and Young Adults.  

The Half Ticket competitive section features the most outstanding, imaginative and compelling features and shorts; live action, documentary and animation films for young audiences, produced in the current year for children’s jury awards.

In its 3rd edition, the section can now boast of a package based on a theme. The idea is to not only programme the best of latest cinema but also fertilise young mind with ideas. The first in this series is The Hand Of Friendship.

The Hand of Friendship is a theme based package of films curated by Samina Mishra that includes a mix of old and new films that reflect the myriad ways in which children form bonds of friendship – with peers, with animals, with objects.

This year the academy has also decided to spread this section across the year. There is such a dearth of programming for Children and young adults that MAMI felt compelled to delve deeper and expand its footprint with regard to Half Ticket. There will be screenings, workshops and special screenwriting bootcamps of Half Ticket through the year.

Half Ticket was introduced in the festival in 2015.  This is the third consecutive year for Half Ticket at MAMI. Last year the festival opened it up for public screenings. Continuing with this in year 2, the public screenings of Half Ticket are slotted for the 14th & 15th of October at PVR -Phoenix, Lower Parel.

All the registered delegates of MAMI (Full Festival) or weekend badge holders can register their child for Half Ticket.


Half Ticket (In Competition)



  1. Cloudboy by Meikeminne Clinckspoor (Belgium/Sweden/Netherlands, Dutch/Swedish/Sami)
  2. Little Heroes (Pequeños Heroes) by Juan Pablo Buscarini (Venezuela, Spanish)
  3. Pipsi by Rohan Deshpande (India, Marathi)
  4. Rabbit School (Die Häschenschule – Jagd nach dem goldenen Ei) by Ute Von Münchow-Pohl (Germany, English)
  5. Swagger by Olivier Babinet (France, French)
  6. The Day My Father Became a Bush (Toen mijn Vader een striuk werd) by Nicole van Kilsdonk (Netherlands/Belgium/Croatia, Dutch)
  7. Zaineb Hates the Snow (Zaineb Takrahou Ethelj) by Kaouther Ben Hania (Tunisia/UAE/France/Qatar/Lebanon, Arabic/French)


  1. A Well Spent Afternoon (Dobro unovceno popoldne) by Martin Turk (Slovenia, Slovene)
  2. Chickens for Kimaru (Kippen voor Kimaru) by Eriss Khajira and Anne van Campenhout (Netherlands, Swahili/English)
  3. Dreams about My Father (Dromen over mijn vader) by Willem Baptist (Netherlands, Dutch)
  4. Emil and the Bridge Divers (Emil un die Bruckenspringer von Mostar) by Friedemann Hottenbacher (Germany, Bosnian)
  5. Footsteps (Fotspor) by Hannes Thor Arason (Iceland, Icelandic)
  6. Half a Life by Tamara Shogaolu (Egypt/Netherlands/USA, Arabic/English)
  7. Jesser and the Sugarcane (Jesser en het suikerriet) by Godelieve Eijsink (Netherlands, Spanish)
  8. Mdudu Boy by Ella Smith (UK, Swahili)
  9. Safia’s Summer (Safia’s Zomer) by Els Van Driel (Netherlands, Dutch/Arabic)
  10. Spotlight on Merna by Mirjam Marks (Netherlands, Arabic/English)
  11. The Day I Beat the Sky (Le jour où j'ai battu le ciel) by Hugues Valin(France, French)
  12. The Girl of 672K (Het meisje van 672k) by Mirjam Marks (Netherlands, Dutch)


Half Ticket: The Hand of Friendship



  1. Goodbye, Children (Au Revoir Les Enfants) by Louis Malle (France, French)
  2. Owls & Mice (Uilenbal) by Simone van Dusseldorp (Netherlands, Dutch)
  3. Come! Let Us Be Friends (Mujhse Dosti Karoge) by Gopi Desai (India, Hindi)



  1. Flying Rats (Vliegende Ratten) by Emiel Sandtke (Belgium, Dutch)
  2. Halim by Werner Fiedler (Austria, Arabic/German)
  3. Mukund and Riaz by Nina Sabnani (India, English)
  4. The Cloud and the Whale by Alyona Tomilova (Russia, Non-verbal)
  5. The Red Balloon (Le Ballon Rouge) by Albert Lamorisse (France, French)
  6. Toffee by Tahira Kashyap Khurrana (India, Hindi)

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About the Curator, Half Ticket – SAMINA MISHRA

Samina Mishra is a documentary filmmaker, writer and teacher based in New Delhi, with a special interest in media for and about children, and in the ways that the arts can be included in education. She is the co-curator of Soundphiles, an experimental listening experience, at the Asian Women’s Film Festival. She is currently teaching a Film Studies programme at Pathways World School, Noida and awaiting the publication of My Sweet Home: Childhood Stories from a Corner of the City (Mapin) that comes out of a creative writing and art workshop designed to encourage self-expression and creative practice in children.