Indian Cinema is really the standard bearer for us, I don’t think US cinema always rises to the standards of values upheld by Indian Cinema; this is very inspiring for us.  These were the words of Matthew Wilder, the director of ‘Regarding the Case of Joan of Arc’, the mid-festival film at International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa, while addressing a press conference at IFFI 2018.

Actor Christopher Matthew Cook was also present on this occasion. The film had its World Premiere on November 24, 2018 at Kala Academy, Panjim, during the 49th edition of IFFI.

Director-Mathew Wilder and the main cast Christopher Matthew Cook of the movie ‘Regarding the case of Joan of Arc’

Speaking about the genesis of his film, Wilder said, “The Trial of the Joan of Arc is a timeless story and I chanced upon it when it came in news recently due to incidents of shooting in school. In this film, the director tries to depict a future America where domestic terrorism and ISIS become merged into a single institution.  The dialogues in the movie are especially true in today’s political scenario in USA. The protagonist of the movie is a supporter of white nationalism. The film intends to show a character which possesses courage, is unable to be moved but at the same time it supports horrifying values. Nicole got nothing more than six days to gear up for this very heavy role, as the actor who was originally meant to play that role backed out at the last moment. That Nicole got this film is an incredible thing because the lead actor is almost in every scene. She fits the role perfectly; it is as if the film has been written for her. I am overwhelmed by the response that the movie received at the world premiere yesterday at IFFI”.

Christopher Matthew Cook

Narrating his experience of working in the film, Christopher Matthew Cook said that the collaboration with Matthew and Nicole was great.


This film is part of adaptations series of Joan of Arc’s legendary story. The real Jeanne d’Arc (1412-1431) was a French martyr and canonized Catholic saint. From a peasant family at Domrémy, Joan of Arc had a prominent role in the liberation of France, which had fallen under English dominion during the Hundred Years’ War.

Regarding the Case of Joan of Arc updates the events into a dystopian USA where ulta-right activists are rampant. These religious zealots have developed a gullible fan base whose gatherings are celebrated around their mysterious saviour Joan, an alt-right Christian terrorist in the United States who claims to hear the voice of God commanding her to attack federal buildings. She has been detained in Guantanamo Bay and charged for acts of domestic terrorism.

Mr.Matthew Wilder has written for some of America’s most respected filmmakers. Wilder has written the screenplay of 2016’s Paul Schrader-directed black comedy crime thriller film “Dog Eat Dog’.

Mr. Christopher Matthew Cook is an actor, known for Dog Eat Dog (2016), Hours (2013) and 2 Guns (2013)