As a catch phrase ‘NACH MERI JAAN’ has been with me for a while now. I was waiting for the right situation to use it in and what better film than ABCD 2! 

This was the first tune to be locked for the film but the words… Oh my gawd! It took us forever to agree on a mukhda. I knew that the song was going to be shot in Las Vegas so the original two lines i wrote were:

‘Din yahaan Roz Holi, Raat Diwali hai

Swarg Dhatri pe hai to, ye jagah saali hai!’ 

Yes. It was that bad. 

As much as I tried, I kept coming up with lamer versions. I have to say kudos to Remo and Sachin Jigar for their patience. It came to to a point that Remo we didn’t have anything until Remo was boarding his flight for Vegas. I said ‘Nahin ho raha!‘ He just said, ‘Sir, ho jayega! Aap likh ke Mail kar dena.’ 

Then just a day before they were to shoot the song in Vegas, Sachin, Jigar and I pulled an all nighter to finalise the tracks. That night I cracked ‘Sau daffa dil samhala‘.

It’s so simple that I was kicking myself for not having thought of it before. 

Benny Dayal, came in later to sing it and took it to another level. 

Mayur Puri