The first thing that was locked about this song was the phrase – Happy hour mien which became the hook of the song. I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of happy hour and I’ve seen people break into a smile just by the mention of it. So as a hook it worked for everyone. But the real challenge of this song was not for me but for Sachin Jigar.

When you make a song for Prabhudheva, you face a tough challenge as a composer, which is – how are you going to surprise him. No beat is strange enough, new enough or radical enough. He is the God of dance and he can catch any beat. So when Sachin & Jigar started work on this song the challenge was to make a beat that will flummox Prabhu sir.

When they made something that was ‘sick enough’, we played it to Remo sir and a few of his dancers. I remember Dharmesh, Punit, Raghav – all of them being there. And I still remember the expression on their faces- ‘WTF was that’ written in bold. Jigar, couldn’t stop smiling.

Then we played it to Prabhu sir. With the first changeover in the beat, he started smiling. By the end he was nodding his head. He asked it to be played once more. Then declared – ‘I louuu it’.
We thought we had made a song difficult enough for him. But when we saw the video we realized why he was smiling. Yes, for Prabhudheva, no beat is a stranger. He just makes dancing look like the easiest thing in the world.
Next time Prabhu sir! We’ll get you next time!

-Mayur Puri

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