Sonam Kapoor talks about her latest film, Dolly Ki Doli, in which she plays a con woman who marries men from various religions, only to run away with their wealth.

Dolly Ki Doli is an ensemble film. How was the experience shooting it?

I would call it an ensemble film even though my character’s name is in the title. I am the captain of the team but a team can’t win unless everyone contributes. You need a good supporting cast for a film to be successful. Even if I am the lead of the film, I am responsible to keep the team together so I cannot take credit for any of those things. It was an amazing experience and hopefully we have a winner in hand.

How difficult/easy was it for you to slip into your character in Dolly Ki Doli?

I am a happy-go-lucky person in real life so it was really difficult getting into the character of a con woman. My body language in the film is very different and for some strange reason nobody wants me to play characters like these. They want me to play roles like the ones in  Mausam, Delhi 6 and Sawaariya which are completely opposite to what I am in real life.

What is your take on Dolly Ki Doli’s clash with Baby?

There is not enough space to get a solo release unless you are as big as The Khans. Haider and Bang Bang released on the same day and people who could not get tickets for Bang Bang on the first day went to watch Haider and loved the movie. It went on to become a huge hit. So it all depends on footfalls. Some will watch Baby and others will watch Dolly Ki Doli as it is a family entertainer with UA certificate.

Are you attracted to powerful women-oriented characters?

I chose to do films like that and once you start, people expect you to stick to those kinds of characters. After I did Raanjhanaa and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, people realised that I want to do character-driven roles and that’s the kind of work I am getting.

With the variety of roles coming to you, do you think 2015 will be your year?

I don’t know. I just hope that I keep getting good roles and my films are successful. I don’t care if this is my year or someone else’s year. I just want to keep getting roles where I can express myself. I don’t want to end up being just a pretty face.

– Priyanka Jain