Atul Sabharwal‘s documentary In Their Shoes released on Friday, March 13, and has received a lot of rave reviews from all quarters.

The documentary is centered around the shoe industry in Agra and the plight of the business owners who have no one to pass on their legacy to, as their children have moved on to bigger cities or outside India. It also shows the strong emotional attachment of these traders with their businesses which they inherited from their forefathers before partition and thus reject the notion of giving it up and moving to bigger cities with their kids.

Director Atul Sabharwal whose father is also a shoe trader in Agra, is one such inheritor. In the quest to fulfil his dream of becoming a movie director, he had to give up the idea of joining his family business. Before producing & directing this documentary, Atul earlier helmed projects like the Arjun Kapoor starrer Aurangzeb and the television series Powder.

In this exclusive deleted scene, a group of traders are talking about bombing China so that people buy Indian goods which will be a bane to them.

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