‘Bezubaan’ literally means speechless. But the way I’ve used it for ABCD and now in Bezubaan Phir Se for ABCD 2 is exactly in the opposite sense.

Being speechless doesn’t always mean that you have nothing to say. It could also be a state of mind where you have too much to say and you cannot express it in words. When your heart is filled with rage and angst, you have an overwhelming outburst, a scream of silence. That expression of angst is ‘Bezubaan’ for me here. This is the song that captures the soul of ABCD like nothing else could.

Taking it a step forward from the first one, ‘Bezubaan Phir Se’ has more of a rock influence than Hip Hop.

The rap portion is written by Vishal Dadlani who is also the lead vocalist. Madhav Krishna’s soothing voice brings out the pain of the only lines we retained from the original, that is:
‘Bezubaan kab se main Raha
Begunah sehta main raha…’

Mayur Puri

(In a series of exclusives, noted Lyricist and Screenwriter Mayur Puri will take us through the thought process involved in the making of the various songs that he has penned for the upcoming dance film, ABCD 2.)