The Film Writer’s Association’s verdict is out and it is in favour of writer Jyoti Kapoor. The Dawaat-e-Ishq writer has shared the news and expressed her gratitude to the Association and all her supporters on her Facebook page.

Kapoor had recently stated that filmmaker Kunal Kohli had plagiarised her script which she had mailed to him through a proper channel. Kohli had expressed an interest to buy it at one point and had access to it for almost two years. She claimed that Kunal Kohli’s upcoming film, titled ‘Phir Se’, which also marks his debut as an actor, was originally written by her. The writer had approached the Film Writer’s Association with the script and also filed a complaint against the director.

On the other hand, the filmmaker has refuted the allegations and issued a statement saying, “The allegations are completely false and are made with vested interests – Whether this is an excuse to extort money or plain fame, the accusations are completely baseless and harassing. Just meeting someone once doesn’t mean you copied their script. I was already writing the script with Sukhmani Sadana when I met Jyoti. It’s sad and wrong that she would use one meeting to accuse me of plagiarism. Fraud cases like this discourage producer-directors from meeting new talent. I’m completely willing to cooperate with the authorities and sort this out as I have nothing to hide.”

But the Association’s verdict comes as a step closer to victory for Kapoor. Though it is just the first step in what is likely to be a long battle, we do hope that truth and justice prevails.