Along with The Good Road Aparna Sen’s Goynar Baksho will also be screened at the Indian Film Festival, Houston. The festival is scheduled for October, 4 to 6 which celebrates good Indian cinema. Breaking traditions this year IFFH will screen films which didn’t get National Awards nominations and were not shortlisted entries for The Academy. This is done to gratify popular demand of screening good Indian cinema.

The film is a horror comedy film based on a novel and a short story by Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay and it shows women of three generations and their relation to a jewelry box.

The festival founder Sutapa Ghosh said, “Our audience has evolved into being the ‘experimenting’ kind now. They love good cinema, and we aim at providing them the same. We have shortlisted other documentaries, short films and independent films.”

Whatever the case be the audiences at the festival will surely get to watch some good films.