You’ve got the big idea for your short film. But more often than not you lack the big budgets to back the idea and make that film. Here is a guide that will help you achieve your dream even on a shoestring budget.

Work backwards – know your budget and write according to what you can afford in your budget. Don’t start your script with “Film opens in prague” when you cannot even go to Colaba.
Be ‘Chindi’ – because there’s indie in chindi. There’s absolutely no shame in doing things low budget as long as you’re confident of your story-content. Smaller budgets are always

With greater money, comes greater justification – so don’t dream of 100 Cr. None of us are ever going to see that money in our lives. Respect and Humility – Treat everyone who works with you with respect and humility. Remember, they’re working towards fulfilling your selfish vision, so just be nice and feed them on time. Learn to make chai and crack some good jokes, if you have to.If you want to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk. And bore people to death.

– Srinivas Sunderrajan

(Indie filmmaker cum Musician known for his films like The Untitled Kartik Krishnan Project and Greater Elephant)