Many would recall a time where Films in different languages were adapted or remade into a Gujarati Film. The latest is that, Shikaar, A Gujarati horror film is being remade in Hindi.

The movie had a successful box office run in the state is being called Haunted Hunt in its Hindi Remake.

Shikaar, the first Gujarati film which also has a sequel made due to its popularity, will also be the first Gujarati film to be made into a Hindi movie.

Producer and director Jakee Patel says, “I am very happy with the wonderful reception the film received. I think this is the first time in Gujarati cinema that a movie will see a sequel. This would also be the first time when a Gujarati film is being made into a Hindi movie, the cats of which consists of many Gujarati artists as well as people from Mumbai. For Shikaar 2, I have huge expectations from the audience. But more than expectations, it is my wish to offer the people of Gujarat something new and unique in terms of entertainment.”