Huma Qureshi represents Cross Cultural Cinema at Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival!

Huma Qureshi has been chosen as an ambassador of cross cultural cinema by Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival. Over the years, Huma has taken the road less travelled, changing the idea of a leading lady in Bollywood, with unconventional film choices. Owing to her impressive filmography,  the gorgeous actress has been invited as a Guest of Honour for the film festival, which will be celebrating the Canada’s 150th birthday with a prestigious women’s organization called, All Ladies League’s Women Economic Forum.

Huma Qureshi in 'Womaniya'

Huma Qureshi in ‘Womaniya’

The versatile actress’s talent was for the world to see with her remarkable international debut in Viceroy’s House. It is no wonder that the organizers of the coveted festival thought her to be the best choice to represent cross cultural cinema. An insider informs that Huma will be part of a panel discussion, followed by a screening of Viceroy’s House and an interaction with local students during a seminar at Simon Fraser University.

Says Huma, “I’m deeply honoured with the invitation. Globally and in India, there is a lot of conversation about woman empowerment and changing attitudes towards woman. I can’t wait to be there and interact with all the achievers of the All Ladies League Economic Forum.’