Now this is what one could well term as an exciting move. Bipasha Basu has pretty much seen it and done a lot, if not all, in the world of horror. With her name being synonymous with the genre, she has to her credit the biggest Indian horror flick of all times, Raaz 3. Even as she continues to dabble with films, she is stepping into a new medium with TV series Darr Sabko Lagta Hai. While one waits to see how the Raj & DK [of Shor In The City, Go Goa Gone fame] conceptualised show turns out, rest assured Bipasha would have an interesting part to play.


Bipasha Basu

From Ajnabee to Darr Sabko Lagta Hai, this has been quite a journey for you, isn’t it?

Guess I can say that I am being quite a risk taker. You look around, the medium of entertaining is changing in India. We are moving very fast and perhaps we are not even realizing that. Once the first episode would come, you would know how big this series is. The best of the talent is coming together to make it. I believe this is a way forward. Of course I am going to do films as well. These times are exciting.

So what should one expect from Darr Sabko Lagta Hai?

First and foremost, it is going to be a very different kind of a show for Indian television in terms of horror. There is a very big viewership for horror in India. So basically our series has episodic short films by different directors like Sangeeth Sivan, Supran Verman, Soumik Sen and others. Moreover, the production values, special effects and sound effects are designed on the same scale as a very good A-lister horror film.

How do you fit into the films though? Are you playing an integral character in each of these films, or do you narrate them?

No, I am not narrating the incidents. The way my part is integrated in the short films is very interesting. I am playing myself in the series. When you would watch it, you would realise how different it is in there. This was all Raj and DK’s idea; the whole show is their concept. They have roped in proper directors for these short films. While the films are being shot on different locations, my bit is shot separately.

In Season 1, how many short films can be expected?

There are going to be 26 short films. We come on Saturdays and Sundays. Each of these short films is for duration of approximately 45 minutes each.

I guess the core value of you being a horror queen is working in your favor, right?

What? No! It is not working in my favor; that is wrong. I actually own this space (smiles). There are not many actors who can have this tag. I don’t think anyone has made a space like this in the horror zone. All these years I have been encouraging horror genre in films and now I am continuing to do so in TV too. I am glad to have formed a very correct connect. Yes, even in the past I have been offered a lot of shows but then my first show had to be something terrific and truly different.

You are also doing a net series titled Client with Rohan Sippy. Buzz is that it is on the same lines as Kerry Washington’s immensely popular TV series Scandal. Is that correct?

You know, it’s too soon to be talking about details. We are coming in March next year. What’s wonderful is that it is like this magnum opus film. We are shooting content for 12 episodes to begin with and that needs a lot of dates. It is like shooting for 6 films of two hours each.

Meanwhile, you seem to be enjoying life to the fullest by going on vacations and chilling out.

(Smiles) This is my fourteenth year in the business and I am also trying to take out time for Bipasha Basu! I don’t want to work 24 hours for 365 days a year. I have never been that kind of a person. I am enjoying the money that I have earned. (Laughs) You know, so many actresses are telling me that they hate me as they can see me enjoying my time. I tell them that if they want, they too can do that.