We’re already halfway through the festival, and to inaugurate that, we have our Mid-Fest Film.

Mid Fest Film Red Carpet –  Tamara

The cast and crew of Tamara came to attend the International Premiere of their movie. Actor Luis Fernandez also spoke about the film briefly.

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Mid Fest Conference

Held towards the middle of the festival, Senthil Rajan, Ameya Abhyankar, and Manish Desai hold this Press Conference to answer questions, as well as talk about the festival in general.


Mid Fest Conference

Masterclass on Action Direction –  Peter Hein

Stunt Director Peter Hein with his 22 years of experience in the industry was warmly received at his Masterclass. With a short film compiled by his fans, appreciation for the man and his work was shown by the greats – Rajnikant, Amir Khan, John Abraham, and Saif Ali Khan.

Press Conference – Like Cotton Twines

Attended by 3 members, including the director. They expressed their thrill at the response they received here in Goa, at the International Film Festival of India. It has even motivated them to produce the next film in India, creating an Indo-African story.

Serendipity Art Festival – Let’s Talk

Serendipity Art Festival in association with The International Film Festival of India curated the Let’s Talk series. The topic of discussion was, “Is crass the new comedy?”

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IFFI- 2016

When does funny stop being funny and become distasteful? With the popping up of many comedy clubs, comedians and adult comedy movies, has the humour of yesteryear given way to cringe-worthy dialogues and shock-tactics that force us to be amused because of their absurdity? Should comedy be inoffensive and accessible to all to be acceptable?

Naved Khan, the famous Radio Mirchi RJ  and Jeeveshu Ahluwalia were the panelists for this discussion.