Press Conference – World Premiere

The first conference of the day began with the World Premiere Our Mother’s Director, Fejria Deliba and Actress, Farida Ouchani.

Press Conference – World Premiere

The World Premiere of Son of War was attended by Director Julieta Noemi Ledesma, as well as several members of the cast.

Press Conference – ICFT Jury

UNESCO will present the “ICFT- UNESCO Gandhi Medal” to a film, which reflects the ideals of peace, tolerance and non-violence. The Jury met for a Press Conference.


Masterclass on Cinematography by Robert Yeoman

An Oscar nominated cinematographer, whose most recent works include The Grand Budapest Hotel, Robert Yeomen conducted a Masterclass on Cinematography.

Red Carpet – Indian Panorama

The Red Carpet event of K Sera Sera, a Konkani film, was attended by the cast and crew of the movie. One of the festival’s only Konkani movies, the screening was held at Inox.

Red Carpet – World Premiere

Another world premiere that took place on the 6th day of the festival was of Don’t Forget About Me. It was attended by the cast and crew.

Serendipity Art Festival – Let’s Talk

26th November – Whose India is it anyway? India vs Bharat

Let’s Talk- Session

The relationship between fantasy and reality isn’t merely a motif within films; it is one of the defining traits of what films, as such, are. Films simultaneously offer the opportunity to reflect contemporary culture, to distort it, or to fabricate a world that doesn’t exist.  With India being a country of extremes, of parallel worlds that never intersect, what effect do the fantasy worlds depicted in films have on the incredibly diverse audiences who consume them?

Sanjeev Bhargava, founder and director of Seher and Uma daCunha, film journalist, writer and researcher, will be the panelists for this discussion.

Goa Fashion Weekend

The Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) & M/S Canterbury, in association with Cherylyne Pret Couture and Vladimir Furtado, organized Goa’s first Government backed, fashion design trade event, at the the IFFI Goa Fashion Weekend.

Fashion Show at IFFI

The event was held at Kala Academy.