Great incentive to submit: Grand Jury Winner will be awarded an Artist Residency!

With IFFLA’s Early Bird submission deadline fast approaching on November 28th (tomorrow), IFFLA also announced a new partnership with the Carpe Diem Artists’ Residency!

IFFLA’s 2015 Grand Jury Prize winner for Best Feature will be awarded a free participation in the Carpe Diem artists-in-residence program, a retreat designed to allow artists an opportunity to create new works in a stimulating environment.

With residencies in India and Spain, Carpe Diem engages artists in intensive workshops, brainstorming sessions, and thought-provoking conversations dealing with cross-cultural art and trans-media storytelling.

The winner will get to choose from one of these exciting locations for their residency: Almora (Kalmatia Sangam), Rishikesh (Rainforest House), Kerala (Lily Pad) and Spain (Darabenaz)!

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