Here’s the official theatrical of Aurangzeb Director Atul Sabharwal’s new Documentary In their Shoes. The film is Centered on the Shoe industry in Agra and the people who are engaged in it. The film which takes Atul back to his childhood in Agra, and a dying footwear trade is releasing on March 13  in five cities viz. Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Agra and Pune through PVR Director’s Rare and Long Live Cinema.

The film showcase a hand-painted Poster done by Yashwant Parab. About the Poster, Atul said, “When I made this documentary about the shoe industry in Agra, the film which at its heart is about the legacy and the artisans (of shoes), I thought it would be fitting to pull an artisan (of film posters) out from obscurity and ask him to make aposter for this film. So I went to the person whose name is signed on that wall in Yash Raj Studios and he agreed to do aposter for this documentary. The artist’s name is Yashwant Parab and he started his career with Mr. BR Chopra in the 50s with a film called Ek Hi Rasta. Yashwant Parab was just a young graduate from JJ School Of Arts then. From there on, he went on to design posters for many veteran filmmakers including Bimal Roy and Yash Chopra and had a 25 year long innings.”