The 36th Asian American International Film Festival, opened by the feature documentary about Jeremy Lin, Linsanity,  has scheduled a 3D special preview of Sholay directed by Ramesh Sippy and screening of Mumbai Cha Raja by Manjeet Singh. The festival will run in New York from July 24 to August 3, 2013.

The 3D version of the 1975 film Sholay will be screened at The Museum of the Moving Image on August 15 to celebrate 100 Years of Indian Cinema on the country’s Independence Day.

The festival website mentions in its Sholay descriptor, “If there is ever a Bollywood film that deserves a 3D treatment, it is Sholay, the celebrated ‘curry-western’ takes on a Sergio Leone film that itself plays off Hollywood’s Westerns and Kurosawa’s samurai dramas. Considered one of the greatest Hindi films of all time, Sholay is a vastly entertaining Indian action-musical-adventure melodrama about two small-time thieves on a reward hunt to capture the ruthless dacoit Gabbar,” .

Mumbai Cha Raja or As the festival mentions,  “the neo-realistic feature debut of Manjeet Singh” will screen in Exploring Asian Film-scapes section. This section screens independent films that survey rural landscapes, townships and urban neighborhoods, defining the lives of the people in them, with tropes of family, childhood, and traveling.

This year the festival is presenting 26 feature films and 44 short films, for, by and about Asians and Asian Americans, with works from or featuring characters from 18 countries.  The festival is produced by Asian CineVision (ACV), a non-profit media arts organization devoted to the development, promotion and preservation of Asian and Asian American film and video.