Set in aamchi Mumbai, in the backdrop of drugs, real-estate dirty deals and prostitution, Hankaar, is India’s 1st ever thriller web series. In a country where people spend more than 8 hours a day on the internet, it is strange that web series have not become mainstream yet.

Hankaar, is ‘realistic fiction’ content in the Thriller and Drama genre. It explores the stories of five ordinary people who go through extraordinary life changing experiences. The cast includes known names in the television and movie industry like Sanjay Bhatia, Rajesh Balwani, Ankur Vikal, Ram Menon, Sharda Nand Singh, Priyadarshi P and Yogini Chowk.

Why did the makers choose the Internet and not Indian television which doesn’t seem to look beyond saas-bahu sagas? The content and theme of the series is very realistic, but ironically, not accepted as content to be viewed on mainstream television. Ravi Iyer, Director and Producer of Hankaar, says, “As producers we realize that Indian television is not ready for this kind of content. But we are keen to create not just 1, but at least 3 seasons of this series.”

Today, there is a comedy revolution underway in India, because of uncensored opinions available online. So why allow thriller as a genre to be stunted because of mainstream censorship rules? It is certain that the audience for this type of content is there, but because it is deemed non-commercial, it is difficult to find required funding.

This is what prompted Yogi Chopra, Writer and Producer, Hankaar, to announce the launch of their crowdfunding campaign on He says, “Our approach towards making this series is like making an Indie film. We don’t want to compromise on any aspect of film-making. Hence we feel crowdfunding will give us the opportunity to validate our idea and audience, and we will also be able to make a few episodes. If this content works we will continue to crowdfund future episodes of ‘Hankaar‘.”

Talking about distribution Saameer Mody,  Managing Director of Pocket Films and Co-Producer of Hankaar says, “The plan is to go give it a wide release across our digital platforms and reach out to a larger audience. It will be an entirely digital release.”

The Hankaar team is looking to raise Rs. 8 Lakhs in 50 days. They are live on, a crowd funding platform. People who back the project will get an opportunity to be co-producers and give their inputs in the making of the series. Hankaar will be produced by Can Communicate in association with Talkaholics Productions and Pocket Films. The series will be released on Pocket Films, the largest YouTube channel for alternative content in India.

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