Director Indranil RoyChowdhury’s Phoring won the Vincent Ward Prize at the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival.

This award was shared by Indranil RoyChowdhury and Reza Dormishian who also won an Award for his Iranian Film I’m Not Angry.

The film revolves around an adolescent boy growing up in a back-of-beyond township in North Bengal, the film was released in India in September last year.

The Prize that was only recently established constitutes a two month all paid trip to the University of Canterbury in Christchurch in New Zealand as an artist in residence.

Phoring was nominated for the Asian New Talent award, the the second competition program of the festival, aimed at discovering and promoting young directors.

 The 17th edition of The Shanghai International Film Festival kicked off on June 14 and had its closing ceremony on June 22, 2014.