In his first look review of Amit Kumar’s Monsoon Shootout, Guardian’s film critic Peter Bradshaw wrote “Amit Kumar’s bold noir set amongst corrupt cops in Mumbai acts as a brash, blockbusting corrective to Cannes’s more sombre excesses”. According to him, the film is a “rainy noir” and he concludes his review by saying, “It’s an entertaining popcorn-movie with a twist, for which commercial success is on the cards. There should be space for pictures like it in Cannes.”

Besides, the Hollywood Reporter’s Deborah Young has also given big thumbs up to the film. She mentions, “The Fortissimo release should make good headway in territories open to India and exotic genre fare and put Kumar on festival radar”, whereas the Screen International critic Lee Marshall’s review says, “Monsoon Shootout is a glossy ethical drama designed to appeal equally to more upscale Indian audiences and worldwide genre fans.”

At the same time, Marshall’s also expresses, “…we yearn at time for some of the rawness of Anurag Kashyap’s approach to the Indian underbelly. Sure, there’s plenty of squelchy violence here, squalor and street flavours and the kind of atmospheric night lighting that Johnny To would be proud of. But deep down, we suspect that the film is as decent as its inflexibly nice protagonist.”

While Marshall praises Kumar’s script by quoting, “It’s not an easy premise to make an audience swallow whole, but Kumar’s fine script rises to the challenge”, Variety’s critic Maggie Lee terms it “a schematic police-thriller structure with a compelling moral dilemma.”