A film from director Larry Clark, Mafia Girl 2 is a follow up to Clark’s 2012 film. It shows a group of people ready to escape their current realities - no matter the cost.

New York Theatrical | Critically –  Acclaimed Director Larry Clark Returns with Provocative Marfa Girl 2


Mafia Girl 2 Poster with the starring actors

Marfa Girl 2

The opening of the film will be held on 2nd November 2018, at the Cinema Village, followed by Daily Screenings. 

Tickets can be brought online at https://bit.ly/2QUEDPp 

A film from acclaimed director Larry Clark (Kids, Ken Park, Wassup Rockers). A family living in Marfa, Texas attempts to pull themselves back together after a horrific tragedy. The provocative sequel to Larry Clark’s film Marfa Girl shows us a group of people ready to escape their current realities—no matter the cost. Gritty, unrelenting, and powerful, auteur Clark once again delivers a bleak landscape of sex, drugs, and boredom amongst the residents of a dead-end Texas border town.

New York Theatrical Marfa Girl 2


Marfa Girl 2Mafia Girl 2 stars Adam Mediano, Drake Burnette, Mercedes Maxwell, Jonathan Velasquez, Indigo Rael and Jeremy St. James. 

Adam Mediano’s Background

Actor Adam Mediano

Adam Mediano

Larry Clark discovered Adam when he was skateboarding in Marfa, TX. After getting to know Adam, Larry was inspired to write a film for him. Adam made his film debut with Marfa Girl and has known his co-star Mercedes Maxwell since he was 8 years old. Marfa Girl 2 is his second film.

Mercedez Maxwell’s Background

Actress Mercedez Maxwell

Mercedez Maxwell

Mercedes also made her film debut with Marfa Girl, alongside her friend Adam. Larry photographed Mercedes for the fashion Magazine V. Larry raves Mercedes is a natural and a pleasure to wok with. In 2018, Mercedes will appear in Clark’s latest feature Marfa Girl 2, and She’s Just a Shadow.

Drake Burnette’s Background

Drake Burnette

Drake Burnette was born in Texas and lives in New York City. Larry Clark was so impressed, he cast her during a four hour Skype session and asked her to make the film. Marfa Girl was Drake’s first movie role, and Marfa Girl 2 her second.

LARRY CLARK (Director)
Larry Clark is one of the most important photographers and artists of the last half- century. His seminal first book, Tulsa (1971), is still dangerous. His directorial debut, Kids (1995), established Mr. Clark’s reputation as one of the most controversial and influential filmmakers of our time.
Other films that followed like Bully (2001) and Ken Park (2002) prompted the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) censorship board to react by advising parents to “hide your children”. Larry Clark’s new film, Marfa Girl continues to refine his unique vision and art.
Clark has said:
I don’t try to be controversial, I just try to be honest and tell the truth about life. Coming from the art world, I never think there are things you can’t do or show. I think that Hollywood films are really underestimating their audience. I’ve been an artist for many, many years. I’m not interested in making films to make money. I’m interested in making work that I’m satisfied with, showing people’s lives that aren’t shown. If I could see this anywhere else, I wouldn’t have to make these films.