Being new to the industry, I can’t give any tips as I am still learning. What I can definitely share is my experience of writing and directing my debut film Gunjaa. Learnings that can help and encourage aspiring filmmakers.

I was very conscious about the budget while writing the script and wrote the screenplay in a way that wouldn’t cost me too much. For example, I’ve shot most of the scenes during the day as it needs only natural lights or reflectors. Try to avoid using expensive equipment and heavy lights, if it’s really not necessary.

If you’re working with child actors then a workshop before the shoot is necessary.

Before shoot, on shoot and after shoot - discuss each and every thing about your film with your crew members and ask for their feedback.

If your story is great, your film will also be good. Be honest when you’re writing. And try to write a story that connects with viewers and wins their hearts.

Don’t be afraid of hard labor and being honest. Don’t try to compromise, and plan well before the camera rolls.

-Mrinal Dev