Vikram Bhatt’s Love Games  delves into the uncharted minds of people in society whose realities are much different from what is perceived. The film features actor Patralekha of City Lights fame, who plays a character that is in complete contrast to her previous outing. Pandolin got the opportunity to chat up with the actor to know more about her journey in this film and in Hindi cinema.



How would you describe your character Ramona in Love Games?

Ramona is a young widow who has a lot of money. She is unapologetic about her lifestyle and she does what she wants. She doesn’t believe in right or wrong and things have to go her way. She loves winning, she loves doing drugs and loves playing love games.

What was the process you underwent in order to lend relevance to your character?

I spoke to Vikram (Bhatt, Director) sir specifically because he has written the script and knows the characters inside out. I also went to a few high society parties to understand the way the people there dress up, the way they look and also how to have conversations with them. Vikram sir also asked us to check Tinder and Ashley Maddison to understand how these people actually work.


Is your character based on someone or is it a generalization of how people are?

I think it is a generalization of people and society. But you must ask him (Vikram Bhatt) that, I don’t know if it is based on any particular character.

How different was it working on Love Games as opposed to working on CityLights?

These are two absolutely different schools of work considering that Love Games is a more commercial film that caters to the masses. But the similarity is that I am an actor, I am acting and that is what I love the most. And that’s what I did in both the films, I gave it my best.

Have you undergone formal training in the field of acting?

I went to Barry John and have attended a lot of workshops. I have tried to hone my skills in every possible way that I could.

Both your films, CityLights and now Love Games are very dark. Which other genre would you like to experiment with?

I would like to do something that isn’t dark. I want to work in a romantic drama, because I really believe in love. There is one film that I really like called Revolutionary Road which features Kate Winslet and Leonardo DeCaprio. I would want to work in something like that, though even that is a dark film. You could probably say that I am attracted to dark characters.

And how was the experience of working with directors Vikram Bhatt and Hansal Mehta as they come from two very different backgrounds?

I have learned so much from both of them as they are very fine directors. I have picked up the best from whatever they could offer. I feel that I have learned a lot and am in a better place of education today.

Hansal sir is more organic. Once you are on the floor, he deals with the character very organically. With Vikram sir things are more organized in terms that you have your scenes ready the night before, you have the dialogues and you’ve got time to prepare.

What were the challenges that you faced towards this film and character specifically?

Everything was a challenge. I had to break myself completely to be the person that Ramona is.

Lastly, how would you sum up your journey and struggle in Bollywood?

I have seen a struggle while I was looking for work. My struggle has made me who I am today and I won’t call it a bad struggle, because everything leads to something good in life. It could be really philosophical, but it’s the truth that I believe in.

I used to get rejected much more than getting rewarded. But I never thought that I couldn’t do it. I always told myself that it’s probably because I don’t fit into the brief of the character and not that I am a bad actor. I think that if you believe in something you should go all out for it and believe that it will happen.