The top international delegates including, ‘Lunchbox’ producers, Rohfilm (Germany) and ASAP Films (France); the US Distributor, Zeitgeist, which also distributed  ‘Court’, Arte France are coming to Film Bazaar 2015 to find new South Asian films.

Film Bazaar, organized by the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC), will be held from November 20th to 24th, 2015 at the Marriott Resort, Goa.

Important international Delegates (buyers, sales agents, distributors, festival programmers, directors and mentors) from over 36 countries will be attending Film Bazaar this year with maximum participation from Europe and United States.

First-time international Film buyers and distributors attending Film Bazaar this year include names like Focus Features, Zeitgeist, Magnolia Pictures and Samuel Goldwyn Films.

Some of the previous participants such as New York-based Paladin Film, Fortissimo and Film buff will also be present this year. Festival curators such as, Cannes Film Festival Director, Christian Jeune and Paolo Bertolin, the South-East and Asia Pacific selector for the Venice International Film Festival and more will be attending

Important International government bodies attending the Film Bazaar are Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation, Ontario Media Development Corporation, Canada (OMDC)The Financing Forum for Kids Content, Denmark, Medienboard, Germany.

Apart from this, 11 international delegates will be attending the Film Bazaar and mentor projects in Work- in- Progress Labs, six in Fiction and five in Documentary, each dedicated to a project.

The names include, Marco Mueller, who began as a festival programmer in 1978 to become the Asian cinema Consultant at the Venice Film Festival, he is also a director and writer of documentaries, film critic and historian; Philippa Campbell, producer of features, shorts, and documentary films, known for Rain, No.2 and Black Sheep; Chris Paton, has over 30 years of experience in the film industry – in publicity and acquisitions, he is currently the UK Delegate with the San Sebastian International Film Festival; Olivia Stewart, has been involved in a number of award-winning films, as Producer or as a Mentor and has set up the Eye Prize with the Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam, with the aim of supporting and promoting an artist or filmmaker; Pernillebech Christensen teaches at the Norweigian Film School and has won several awards, including the Danish Academy Award for Editing (2003), and the Television Award for “Editor of the year” (2005); Jacques Comets co-heads the editing department of the French national film school, La Femis and he was part many of seminars, workshops and juries in film schools and universities in Switzerland, Chile, Cuba, Tunisia, Albania, Iran, and many other countries;Derek Malcolm is a distinguished film critic and historian and is also the author of Century of Films; Iikka Vehkalahti is the CEO of IV Films. He was the Commissioning Editor for the Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE Documentaries, Finland, since 1998 until March 2015. He is now running Rough Cut Service and is an Executive Producer of ‘Dare to Dream Asia’ and works for YLE/ and Afridocs; Peter Jäger is a Partner and Consultant for Autlook and a Distribution Expert Consultant of Creative Europe (Media) Programme, a jury member of the Flemish Film Fund, Vienna Film Fund, and a Distribution and Marketing lecturer/tutor at film academies, workshops, and festivals; Noemi Schory is a documentary film director and producer, founded Belfims in 1988 as an independent production house, active in Israeli and many international co-productions, primarily in the documentary field; Per Kirkegaard is one of the most established editors in the Danish film industry and is also a known for his musically-attuned editing style, his great precision as a storyteller, his loyalty to the projects he engages in, his unique eye for the poetic yet specific, and his punk attitude to filmmaking; Menno Borema has worked with directors such as Johan van der Keuken, Peter Delpeut, Hedy Honigman, Marjoleine Boonstra, Hugo Claus, Frank Scheffer and Dumisani Pakhlati.

Nina Lath Gupta, Managing Director NFDC says, “The international film community’s response to the talent and projects showcased at the Film Bazaar is incredible and their understanding of the various cinemas of South Asia has developed over these nine years. We hope their endeavor to associate with filmmakers from this region gets further strengthened this year and that a larger number of projects from South Asia are showcased globally. It’s indeed satisfying to learn that a lot of the projects nurtured here receive critical acclaim internationally and attain visibility across various markets.”

Top International and Indian buyers attending Film Bazaar 2015


–          Remi Burah – Arte France (Biggest TV companies in Europe)

–          Angel An – Samuel Goldwyn

–          Nancy Gerstman – Zeitgeist Films (Distributors of Court)

–          Nasreen Kabir – Hyphen Films

Festival Programmer

–          Christian Jeune – Cannes Film Festival

–          Paolo Bertolin- Venice International Film Festival

–          Charles Tesson- Semaine De La Critique

–          Sergio Fant- Festival del film Locarno

Distributors/Sales agents

–          Michael Werner – Fortissimo

–          Scott Veltri – Magnolia Pictures

–          AnjayNagpal – Focus Features

–          Keiko Funato – Alpha Violet


–          Marc Bachet – ASAP Films (The Lunchbox)

–          Benny Drechsel – Rohfilm (The Lunchbox)

–          Marc IMER – DOLCE VITA FILMS (Arunoday/ Sunrise)

Indian Studios

–          PVR Pictures

–          Phantom Films

–          Eros International Media Ltd

–          Excel Entertainment

–          Zee Studios

–          Dar Media Pvt. Ltd.

–          Shree Venkatesh Films

–          Essel Entertainment

–          Drishyam Films

Note: Above-mentioned are just few of the international delegates; this is not a complete list.