He’s the newest superhero in Hindi cinema. Meet the ‘Flying Jatt’ aka Tiger Shroff. Director and Choreographer Remo D’Souza is redefining the character of a superhero in his new movie A Flying Jatt. While Shroff plays a superhero who is trying to control his accidentally acquired super powers, the vivacious Jacqueline Fernandez plays his love interest.

The film that releases tomorrow has already captured a lot of attention as it adds one more name to the very limited superhero list in Bollywood. From sharing the intricacies of being part of a superhero movie to working with Australian actor Nathan Jones (who plays the villain the film) and being compared to Krrish, Tiger and Jacqueline indulge in a candid and fun conversation with Pandolin.

Tiger Shroff

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Tiger Shroff in and as A Flying Jatt

Your superhero character is been compared to Krrish. Were there any apprehensions regarding this comparison?

Being compared to my ideal is the best compliment that I could ever receive. I am quite flattered at this comparison, but I can tell you that I am not scared and there are no apprehensions as this is a very different character. The storyline, character, and everything else is quite different from Krrish. Once you see the movie or even the trailer, you realize the difference, yet I was thrilled to be compared to Hrithik Roshan.

Playing a superhero would’ve required extensive preparation. Tell us about the physical training and other prep undertaken for this role.

There was a lot of work that was put into the body language; how to stand and run in the costume. A superhero’s fighting style is obviously different from that of a normal character’s, so I had to learn that. Also since I was playing a Punjabi superhero I had to know about the culture. Besides, this is the first time that I am experimenting with a little humor along with action.

This is the first time that I am experimenting with a little humor along with action

Which characters or films did you draw inspiration and references from?

I saw a lot of Jackie Chan movies because he is one of the few actors who can combine comedy with action extremely well. So I would watch the way that he would react to things or the way he used to express in a film, and tried to adopt some of it while I was playing the superhero.

Like you mentioned, this is your first role with elements of comedy in it. You’ve played relatively serious roles in the past. How easy or difficult was it relate to such a character?

It was very difficult because when I used to put my costume on, I felt like standing in a superhero pose or running like one, but that wasn’t the character. I had to do the opposite, so that was a challenge for me. The character is a very simple and obedient boy, moreover, he is very scared from inside. These were the qualities that I could relate to. These are the qualities that also bring in the comic elements to the character and it was quite difficult to pull that off.

A Flying Jatt - Pandolin.com

(L-R) With Director Remo D’Souza, Nathan Jones & Jacqueline Fernandez at the trailer launch

Coming to the action, Australian actor Nathan Jones plays the super villain in the film. How was the action sequence with him?

That was very scary! When you are standing in front of people and trying to protect them, along with trying to be brave, and he (Nathan Jones) is charging towards you, it is hard not to be scared at that time. But the overall experience of working with him was great. I got to learn so much from him as he was a wrestler and he taught me a lot of tricks and actions.

If I had to pick one thing, it would be learning to work with the harness

What was the most challenging part of playing a superhero? What would you take back from A Flying Jatt?

If I had to pick one thing, it would be learning to work with the harness. I used to think that I could do stunts without cables and even if I had to use them, I thought that it would be easy for me. But I was wrong! I remember my first day at the workshop with cables and I couldn’t do anything. When you are working with cables or harness, your whole weight is resting on something and your body is controlled by somebody else, you just have to maintain your postures and look like you are flying. And you need to make it look believable. That was one of the most challenging parts of the movie, but that is also something that I will take back with me.

Jacqueline Fernandez

A Flying Jatt - Pandolin.com

Jacqueline Fernandez in A Flying Jatt

What can you tell us about your character and how does she compliment the superhero?

I play Kirti who is an extremely bubbly and lively character. I teach Environmental Science and Tiger’s character is a Karate teacher and so we are best friends in the movie. The thing about my character is that she is the exact opposite of Tiger’s character. I am loud and strong and I keep punching him and we are pretty much like best friends, until the day I fall in love with the Flying Jatt, who is a superhero.

In a superhero film, the actor playing the superhero tends to get more attention. What was it about this film that encouraged you to sign it?

When I got the call for A Flying Jatt, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing and I remember being extremely flattered. I always wanted to be part of a superhero movie. While growing up, I used to watch the girl who was rescued by the hero or how the superhero would fall for the girl next door. I was very excited because Remo kept my character very simple, he kept her exactly like the girl next door.  She is not glamorous or stylish and for the first time I was able to do something like that and play a character that I really wanted to play.

While growing up, I used to watch the girl who was rescued by the hero or how the superhero would fall for the girl next door

You are paired opposite Tiger who is a fabulous dancer. That must have surely made the dance sequences more interesting. Tell us about the prep that you did for the songs and the experience.

It was very difficult for me as Tiger is an extremely well-trained dancer. He works extremely hard and rehearses everything, but since I had to match steps with him, Remo (D’Souza, Director & Choreographer) made sure that I could do the steps as well as Tiger. I knew Tiger could dance with ease, therefore, I needed to be that good and it was tough. ‘Beat Pe Booty’ was the most challenging song for me to shoot. Not just in terms of choreography, but also because it was Tiger and I had to make sure that it looked effortless.

The movie is being compared to Krrish, how would you say is this film different from other superhero movies?

I knew that comparisons will be drawn with Krrish, but the only similarity between the two movies is that they are both superhero movies. The minute that I heard the narration, I knew that wasn’t the case. The kind of story that Remo was trying to make is extremely different. Once people saw the trailer their minds changed, they realized that this is nothing like Krrish. Here the superhero is quite different, he is clumsy, sacred and he doesn’t know what to do with his powers and his mother keeps bossing him around (laughs).