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Go Ahead and Explore

One of the films to receive top billing at MAMI this year is the provocative French thriller Elle (if you haven’t caught it already at previous screenings, head to PVR ICON today). Directed by Paul Verhoeven, the film’s plot of how a businesswoman deals with sexual assault has sparked some debate about male and female gaze in cinema.

Perhaps, it is appropriate then that this movie is shortly followed by a panel about ‘Women In Film’ where the issues confronting female representation, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes, will be in focus.

One filmmaker, who gave us memorable female characters, was Bimal Roy. The Bengali auteur’s cinema is being celebrated on Day 5 at a panel featuring Joy Roy and Jaya Bachchan among others.

Spotlight will also be on Mani Kaul, whose Doordarshan mini-series Ahamaq (Idiot) will be screened in its entirety, after which some of the original crew will reunite to discuss Kaul’s work with historian Ashish Rajyadhyaksha (See Page 4 for a preview).

The Dailies’ interview of the day is about Nicholas Kharkongor’s indie feature Mantra, a story that encapsulates an India in transition economically and culturally (see Page 2).

Also in the edition, Anurag Kashyap on his part in the anthology film Madly (see Page 5).

Only three more days to go at this festival, but there’s a world left to discover. Go ahead and explore.

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