Parikrama is one of the first Indian bands to introduce the genre of rock to Indian audiences. Not to forget that Parikrama’s ‘But It Rained’ made it to the list of ’25 greatest Indian Rock Songs in the Last 25 Years’ carried by Rolling Stone India. They started making music in 1991 and now almost 25 years later, they are venturing into films with releases like the independent film Manjunath. We had the privilege to interview Parikrama’s lead vocalist Nitin Malik who has been the voice of Parikrama since it was formed.

Nitin Malik

Nitin Malik

When did you first know you wanted to make music your career?

Probably when I just entered college and Parikrama took off in a big way. It was way back in 1991 and after a couple of shows when I started getting paid to do what I love, there was absolutely no debate in my mind.


Since how long have you been a part of Parikrama? And how was the band formed?

I’ve been a part of Parikrama from the day it was formed. I was one of the founding members along with a few friends.

Since, you’ll are close to metal rock, was it initially difficult to find an audience?

Actually we are a band that plays classic rock and not metal really. Yes it was tough because at that time, in the beginning, you only had either pop bands or heavy metal bands and here we were trying to do justice to songs from Led Zeplin and Pink Floyd etc . So yes it was a little tough in the beginning.

How did Manjunath happen to you? What made you’ll say yes to a film?

All thanks to Sandeep Verma (Director) that Manjunath happened to us. We’d been offered a lot of films before but I guess making music for a guy and girl doing pelvic thrusts running around trees wasn’t my idea of being a creatively satisfied musician. When Sandeep approached us with the story, it wasn’t only about the life of Manjunath, it was a story that I had read so much about and most importantly it was and is real. It’s something I really felt very strongly about and felt fortunate that Sandeep chose us. It didn’t take more than a minute to say yes to it.


Nitin Malik (R) with Director Sandeep Varma

Nitin Malik (R) with Director Sandeep Varma

Tell us about your experience composing the music for Manjunath?  How would you describe your score?

Everyday that we spent on composing music for this film felt like a blessing. Sandeep is a taskmaster but also a person with a lot of heart. There were instances when he would disagree with a certain piece of music but we never let go of the thought that this is something we are doing together, telling the world the story of a great man. I’d describe the score as minimal and realist, after all a movie is a marriage between the audio and the visual. We were lucky to have Sandeep on board, as he would patiently listen to our music and the explanation behind it.


Was there a set brief from Sandeep?

He gave us complete freedom to do what we wanted but yes he always kept a check on what we were doing from a distance. He never imposed but always gave suggestions and in retrospect I think they were all for our common goal.

What was the reception that the music of Manjunath received?

People loved the score and the songs. Our musician friends were sometimes surprised as to the kind of songs we were making because they are not your typical Bollywood songs. Just as Manjunath is not a typical Bollywood film and Sandeep is no typical director. His knowledge and guidance helped us to the greatest extent to put out the best we could.

Are you’ll open to doing more films? If yes, any particular kinds of films that you’ll wish for?

Manjunath is the kind of film we would be open to doing music for. Otherwise no.


What do you prefer, live shows or recordings? And why?

LIVE shows any day. They help us connect with the audience on a personal level.

Tell us about your upcoming projects. Any other films on the anvil?

Right now we’re busy touring the world playing our rock music and no, not any other film on the anvil. I feel blessed to have been a part of Manjunath.