Midnight Delight Movie Poster
Dot and Feather Entertainment dropped the first movie teaser for their upcoming Midnight Delight, a comedy flick as a set of characters at a smoking lounge get in to hilarious antics as they try to make sense of their lives through conversations with people they have never met before. The narrative throws up uncanny situations most of us have been in and more.

The 85 minute long movie is written, directed by Rohit Gupta (Life! Camera Action…, Another Day Another Life) and co-produced by his buddy Saumin Mehta, who is also credited for most of its post-production.
The movie stars: Alexandra Hellquist, Shaheed Woods, Michele Suttile, Dipti Mehta, Rachel Myers, John Crann, Michael Laguerre, Adit Dileep, Sofia Sivan, Bill McCrea, Maggie Alexandar, Josh Echevarria and Michael Lester. 

Tantalizingly edited to offer a sneak preview that whet fans’ appetite without revealing too much, the teaser has been described as “One of the best teasers from the independent film circuit and Indian-American filmmakers”. It features actors Rachel Myers, Shaheed Woods, Michele Suttile, John Crann and new comer Michael Laguerre. 

The initial tag line for the movie on the official poster, reads ‘Say hi to high… ‘ and ‘Couch. Conversations. Clarity.’ and they both summarize the movie’s theme.