As the film continues to garner accolades & acclaim, filmmaker Rohit Gupta’s third directorial award winning film in a row Midnight Delight walks away with another grand recognition by being awarded the Best Drama-Comedy feature at The 21st International Indie Gathering Film Festival 2016 held in Ohio from Aug 8-14th. Midnight Delight had its Ohio premiere on Aug 12th followed by the award ceremony on Aug 14th where the winners were announced.

Voted as one of the Top 25 Film Festivals by MovieMaker Magazine, The Indie Gathering is more than just a film festival – it’s a place where filmmakers from around the world gather together with the audience for the entire week! It is the alternative for Independent, Underground and Experimental Film.

The 85-minute film Midnight Delight produced by Gupta and Saumin Mehta under the production company Dot and Feather Entertainment is a comedy film set in a smoking lounge. It features nine vignettes of comedy, wit and reality that follows strangers in high spirits, crossing paths during nights of exploration. These curious visitors reflect on daily existence, societal curiosities and demystify the status quo along the way conversing about various topics. Discussion includes topics varying from “why do we talk” to “what do models eat”, “if water makes us fat”, to “if dolphins could be the reason for the inception of the entire universe or its destruction” moving to even hats, moisturizer, maths, infinity, working out at the gym, dating games and health supplements among other topics.

It features award-winning actors Shaheed Woods (Life! Camera Action…) and debutante Michael Laguerre, actress Alexandra Hellquist (Sole Proprietor, The Fever and Fret), John Crann (The Perfect Murder, Life! Camera Action… ), Michele Suttile (See you next Tuesday) among others. The film was released on July 21, 2016 via video on demand (VOD) on various platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Sony, Hoopla, Vimeo, Xbox among others.