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Mumbai Cha Raja

Manjeet Singh’s Mumbai Cha Raja will be screened at the Stockholm Junior Film festival, to be held from April 15 – 20 in Sweden. This year the Stockholm International Film Festival Junior will take place for the 14th time. The Stockholm International Film Festival Junior has the goal of showing quality films from the whole world to children and young adults, films that rarely reach the usual movie theater repertoire.

Mumbai Cha Raja will be presented under the Högstadiet/Gymnasiet section that showcases films for children.

In the film, teenage boy Rahul is never at home but wandering about in the streets. This is his means to avoid facing his alcoholic and violent father and his well-meaning, subservient mother. He befriends Arbaaz, a balloon vendor, and both set out on excursions of innocent mischief, including wooing Arbaaz’s love interest. Rahul however has greater plans – to punish his father.

The film has won acclaim at many festivals, starting with a world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival 2012, screening at Abu Dhabi film festival 2012 and competing at the Palm Springs International Film Festival 2013 under the New Voices/New Vision section.

(Source: Dearcinema)