Vir Das has been one of the frontrunners when it comes to professional comedy in India. Being a pioneer in his space, Vir soon took Indian comedy beyond the Indian diaspora and put it on the world map.

Soon after, several comedians toured various cities across the globe earning growing freedom and popularity. Come 2017, and Vir Das is now on a all new high. Netflix, the world’s biggest consumed digital streaming platform, will debut its first ever Indian Comedian Special on April 25. The show titled ‘Abroad Understanding’ marks the debut of an Indian original production on Netflix making this a tremendous feat featuring none other than Vir Das himself.

While several other Indian filmmakers and production houses have cracked deals with Netflix in the past few months, this debut will be the first for India on this platform. The Netflix Comedy Specials have previously been shot with the likes of Kevin Hart, Amy Schumer, Russell Peters, Chris Tucker to name a few!

The show was shot last year in November in two cities, New Delhi in front of a live audience of 11000 people and in New York City in front of a live audience of 200 people. The show as one can see speaks about cultures, politics, religion and much more as one can make out in this close to 90 seconds trailer. The show is a growing landmark for Indian comedy and artists who are truly going global with their art and caliber.