Omung Kumar and Sandeep Singh of Legend Studios are teaming up once again with Sanjay Dutt again after Bhoomi and Malang. The duo are working on a film on Maharaja Jam Sahib Digvijaysinhji Ranjitsinhji, the ruler of Nawanagar, a princely state in British India, who had provided shelter to hundreds of abandoned Polish children during World War II. Omung Kumar released the look of his English-Polish production, titled The Good Maharaja, with a regal looking Sanjay Dutt with all the royal finery.
Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt in The Good Maharaja

Omung Kumar has been working on this script for a year-and-a-half and he has even put together a book on it. Sandeep Singh and team have done a look test as well with Sanjay Dutt. They infact met Polish government officials last year to work out shooting permissions. 

Talking about the look Omumg Kumar says, “We have photographs of the Maharaja for reference. We will take certain creative liberties but are trying to keep things as authentic as possible. Sanjay looks regal and it was his idea to do this role and I wanted to direct it because it’s a superb story.”
Producer Sandeep Singh says, “Sanjay Dutt’s image has the aura of royalty. We have done look tests and are very excited with the outcome. Baba is very excited about this film and this will be a big budget film that will span across continents.”