Prathamesh KriSang’s debut short film One Last Question wins Prestigious “Golden Palm Award” at the 10th Mexico International Film Festival 2015. The film also received a special mention as a ‘Must Watch Film’ at 5​th ​Dadasaheb Phalke Film Festival 2015.

Prathamesh won the “Golden Palm Award” as “Best First­time Filmmaker” at 10​th​MIFF that took place at Rosarito Beach in Baja California, Mexico on May 1, 2015

While talking about the film, the director of the 5th Dadasaheb Phalke Film Festival 2015, Mr. Rambhul Singh​said “Under­current of such highly sensitive & controversial issue flowing throughout the movie; like blood in human body the story is presented without being insensitive & controversial, hats­off to the first time director, Prathamesh KriSang & the makers of this film”.
Speaking on the occasion, KriSang says, “Almost two years of blood, sweat and tears gave it’s fruits at our very first festival, it feels incredible to win our first ever awards on the day when the father of Indian Cinema Dadasaheb Phalke was born. To top it up, this was my first film ever, the first screening ever and the first award ever.

About the Mexico IFF ­

The Mexico International Film Festival​has become an important awards event for the film industry and a centerpiece for promoting and growing the thriving arts and culture community of Mexico. The awards competition is created as an internationally visible platform to provide exceptional films and filmmakers with recognition for their filmmaking and screenwriting achievements.

About One Last Question ­

Based on true story, this film is about four teenage friends who are living their regular life in the village of Agia, Assam. Certain turn of events lead them to rethink their life’s purpose. They are inspired to join a militant organisation in order to give freedom to Assam from India and take the path of violence.

Prathamesh Krisang discovered this story in form of a blog written by his friend. As his crew can recall, they decided to pack and leave for Assam, planning to come back after fifteen days of shooting.
Manjit Nath, on whose life story the film is based, at that time was studying Public Policy at the University of Oxford. With few films highlighting the North East, the 30 minute film is a brave attempt by the Pune lad and his incredibly dedicated team. The film got noticed by two legendary names in the industry: actor Adil Hussain and theater director Shukracharya Rabha.
KriSang shares, “It was a noble gesture by these artistes to be associated with the film. After an interaction with Sukracharya Rabha, I ended up getting his assistance for our project. He has an art institute in Agia, Assam where we were shooting. He helped us to get Adil Hussain involved as well. Adil Hussain liked the story and decided to give us a day’s time; we ended up shooting for two days with him. It was a great experience for us youngsters.”
As circumstances rapidly changed along with the scope of the film, it became imminent that they were going to crumble under the heap of expenses. 70% of the movie was completed and the crucial 30%, which included remaining shoot and post­ production, was yet to be completed due to shortage of funds. KriSang knew that they couldn’t complete the film with what they had. Producers were not an option. KriSang and his team successfully raised money through crowdfunding to complete the film.

On winning the international award, Krisang says, “And by the time I reached my mailbox, another mail was waiting about news of winning “Golden Palm Award” at the prestigious 10th Mexico International Film Festival 2015 as “Best First­Time Filmmaker”. The important thing is, this film needs to be highlighted and be seen by as many people as possible. We are planning to submit it to more festivals this year. Fingers crossed. Our objective is to reach out to as many people as possible.
Though winning an award always feels good and instills hope to keep pushing hard and keep making films in such stiff competition”
The film has also bagged an Official Selection at Kinolub Film Festival that will take place in Krakow, Poland. This will be the European Premiere of the film.