She never really thought that Bollywood films would ever happen to her. And now that the offers are pouring in, the feeling is still sinking in for Puja Gupta. She says, “I am still not used to doing interviews. I haven’t yet got into the mode where I would know all the right things to speak. Many times I find myself saying things I shouldn’t.” Puja, who is recently promoting her film Shortcut Romeo, says “Bollywood was never on my mind. Although I am enjoying now being an actress, but winning the Miss India contest was the only thing on my mind. She says she loves the promotional trips to various places, the travelling, the shooting and the life of an actress.

Puja Gupta who comes from a conservative family says that she had strict guidelines regarding the Miss Indian pageant itself. “If I dint win the contest I would have to listen to their rules. But I did win and made them very proud and happy.

Also when quizzed about her much talked about her steamy lip-lock scene with Neil Nitin Mukesh, Puja is quick to defend herself and says, “I don’t know why people are even talking about that scene! It was a very subtle smooch that went with the flow of the story. I don’t want to do unnecessary steamy scenes. May be in the future, when I get more challenging roles, I would want to get out of my comfort zone and do something bold. But right now my comfort genre is to play this youthful, happy-go-lucky girl. Getting into action sequences or serious roles is something I haven’t thought about. It’s too soon for that.